Top 5 Smartphones for College Students



Do you want to get attention in college? Fashion accessories and fancy clothes are cool, but nothing beats the fascination of a perfect smartphone. If you are a college student then your financial condition also depends on how much cash you extort from your parents. From hip design and cutting-edge technology with affordability on a small fund, college students can shop a new smartphone.


So to make things simpler, we have suggested smart phones in categories based on budgets:

Just Check out Our five smartphones for You:

Apple iPhone 6
Gone are the days when students were crazy for iPhone 5, and now the latest news is the iPhone 6 Plus. It is the great smartphone model for college students. This phone is the thinnest smartphone on the marketplace, so it is simple to carry in a pocket. Moreover, the metal back of this phone makes it the most trendy and fascinating iPhone yet. Available on: Amazon | Flipkart

If you love to capture photos, this cell phone is up to the mark. Its camera has 8-megapixel image capture capability with a re-designed sensor that has first-class autofocus skill. This means you will take sharp and clear images. The improved slow-motion technology of the phone helps videos look excellent.   Available on: Amazon | Flipkart

HTC One M9
With superb reviews and top-notch features are nothing less than stellar, the smartphone is a fabulous pick for college students, particularly when matching with a speed 4G network.

The HTC One M9 has a BoomSound system with Dolby technology for superb sound. The phone has 20.7-megapixel camera for the best selfies and group photos; and its battery will has the ability to last for hours. The flashy design of the phone will get attention of everybody. The 441-PPI screen resolution makes the scrolling amazing through photos.  Available on: Amazon | Flipkart

Google Nexus 6
Google’s Nexus 6 is associated with Motorola. The screen of the phone is larger than other smartphone screens. This phone has a six-inch big screen that’s actually huge and comfortable. The Google Nexus 6 is great for taking photos, browsing and staying connected with your college buddies. The audio features are also excellent of this cell phone.

The phone has stereo speakers on the front which is the superb device for movie watching. If you are going to plan a movie marathon, though, get ready to carry your charger in your pocket, since the life of the battery is only average. Available on: Amazon | Flipkart

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 measures nearly six inches across, and also has an eye-catching display and excellent resolution. The smartphone has a 16-megapixel camera, you can take a perfect classy pic of your classmates. Available on: Amazon | Flipkart

Motorola Moto G
This phone has 16 GB memory, a quad-core processor, and a 1280 x 720 pixel screen. The design of the phone is very much stylish with colorful covers. The phone has a five-inch big screen that is a big improvement over previous phone models.
The one important part in which this phone is somewhat lacking is its camera. It has only 5-megapixel capture capability, which is certainly on the low end of the scale.  College students who just want to stay connected on their funds can buy the Motorola Moto G to be an excellent pick.  Available on: Amazon | Flipkart

Conclusion: From photography and multitasking to note taking, these top 5 smartphones cover up all the needs. Choose the best balance between affordability and features to get the actual smartphone.



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